Breast removal mistake: King Faisal Hospital objects experts’ report

King Faisal Hospital objected a report by experts implicating it for the flawed diagnosis upon which Rwanda Military Hospital depended to perform mastectomy against a woman’s breast which had no breast cancer.

The experts were to share treatment procedure of breast cancer for the court to know who of the two hospitals did or did not do what in the breast removal case which seeks Rwf503 million worth of compensations.

King Faisal hospital argues that two of the three experts appointed by Rwanda Medical and Dental Council were doctors at Rwanda Military Hospital, favouring their employer while making report for the court.

“Dr. Emile Kalinganire and Dr. Achile Manirakiza are fulltime employees at Rwanda Medical Hospital obliged by the labour law to act in favour of their employer which is evident in the report” the October objection said.

The referral public hospital in Rwanda added that moreover the report doesn’t match the task the court had ordered, that it presents irrelevant facts that would only favour Rwanda Military Hospital, their employer.

Court’s proceedings on the report objection is scheduled for 14 December 2020 at Gasabo Intermediate Court in Kigali.

It all began in August 2017 when the woman resident of Kayonza District in Eastern Province was admitted at King Faisal Hospital for a medical examination of her aching breast.

The medical report signed by an anatomic Dr Lynette Kyokunda at King Faisal Hospital confirmed the “presence of grade II cancer cells” in the woman’s breast.

The then 41-year-old mother had no money to pay for a mastectomy at the leading referral public hospital and so sought another transfer to Rwanda Military Hospital where breast removal surgery was cheaper.

Without diagnosing her for the second time and trusting the report from King Faisal Hospital, Rwanda Military Hospital removed the woman’s breast mass in March 2018.

There are regulations on human tissue which allow medics to keep the removed breasts for further medical tests and in this case the tests of the removed breast mass on March 12, 2018 found no cancer.

The shock attracted doctors from both hospitals to perform a joint diagnosis which also concluded that “no malignancy was found” and that the initial examination by Dr Kyokunda was a “mistaken biopsy with diagnosis”

For a period of one year, the woman sough to amicably get compensation from King Faisal Hospital but she did not get it and in June 2019 dragged the hospital to court, seeking compensations of Rwf503 million.

During court sessions, King Faisal implicated Rwanda Military Hospital for not carrying out their own diagnosis before removing the breast and that the former never recommended breast removal as done by the latter.

When Rwanda Military Hospital was summoned, they claimed King Faisal Hospital medical report was enough and that it put the cancer level at grade II which could be treated by breast removal.

In February 2020 Gasabo Intermediate Court orderd the medical council to appoint three experts to explain to the court how breast cancer is treated, the report which King Faisal Hospital objected.

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