Idamange wants her case treated as Rusesabagina’s

A YouTuber who claimed to be criticizing the government and later arrested over insurrection and other crimes, Yvonne Idamange Iryamugwiza, has appeared before the Chamber of International crimes for substantive trial.

Idamange made a prayer to the court today 12 May 2021 the court session in Nyanza District Southern Province to allow her to physical hearings other than video conferencing as is in Rusesabagina trial.

“I ask this court to move my trial to Kigali such that my family and those who want to testify for me can be able to attend as you have done in the case against Paul Rusesabagina” she told the court.

Idamange also pleaded for two months of going through her case file arguing that she had not reviewed the cases leveled against her.

The court turned down her request for being tried in Kigali but mentioned that if the coronavirus restrictions are eased, her court session would be held physically at the court in Nyanza.

“Idamange’s case is different from Rusasabagina’s because there is a score accused along with him, many testifiers and many persons seeking compensatory damages unlike Idamange” the court decided.

On the issue of giving her two months for studying her dossier, the court said it would be too long and gave her one month.

During the court session, Idamange was at Mageragere Prison in Kigali, prosecution at their offices in Kigali while the judges were at Nyanza at the court.

The 42-year-old mother of four was arrested in February after a YouTube video in which she called upon people to demonstrate.

She is accused of six crimes including inciting public disorder, spreading false information, desecrating of a genocide memorial, resisting lawful arrest, assault against a law enforcement officer and issuing a bounced cheque two years ago.

In February 2021, Idamange started criticizing authorities over several issues including education, handling of genocide survivor’s issues and the management of the directives to prevent the coronavirus.

In a week’s time in February 2021 and eight videos, Idamange had gained thousands of views on Youtube, becoming one of the most viewed channels in the country.

Her case was scheduled for 15 June 2021.

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