Nurse sentenced to life for ill-fated sedation

The Military High court in Kigali has sentenced a military nurse to life in prison for sedating two patients with the intention to rob them of their funds, an action which resulted in one of the patients’ death.

Private Narcisse Ntawuhiganayo was convicted of murder yesterday 15 May 2021 at Kanombe Kigali where the Military High Court sits.

During previous hearings, Private Ntawuhiganayo was accused of having administered anaesthetic drugs on both patients in 2019 at Butare University Teaching Hospital (CHUB) in Huye District Southern Province.

The hearings revealed that Private Ntawuhiganayo managed to walk away with Rwf400, 000 which belonged to a mobile money agent identified as Jean Felix Iraboneye who subsequently died from the drugs she administered on him.

The court also heard that nurse Private Ntawuhiganayo had days later administered the same drugs on the hospital accountant Callixte Nizeyimana who survived death.

The nurse however managed to rob the hospital’s coffers of some unknown sums of money.

Private Ntawuhiganayo was reported for having attempted to evade justice after the criminal acts but was later arrested and was found in possession of Rwf1.7million cash.

Ntawuhiganayo who pleaded not guilty said in his defense that he injected anaesthetic drugs into Jean Felix Iraboneye the mobile money agent to sedate him before being circumcised at the university hospital.

Private Ntawuhiganayo announced his intention to appeal against the decision.

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