Rwandan army says enemies from Burundi attacked Rwanda

The Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) have announced that militants from neighbouring Burundi attacked Rwanda after crossing the southwestern border with Burundi into about 100 meters on Rwanda soil.

The announcement released today 24 May 2021 said that the confrontation between the Rwandan army and armed assailants from Burundi on Sunday night 23 May 2021 at Bweyeye in Rusuzi District Western Province.

RDF identifies the attackers as the National Liberation Front (FLN) an alleged rebel group whose senior commanders and over 20 fighters are facing trial in Rwandan court of crossborder crimes on counts of terrorism.

According to the announcement, the Rwanda Defence force staged an interception in an offensive at Rwamisave village Nyamuzi cell which lasted for 20 minutes from 9:15pm, seizing a gun, ammunition and gunning down two attackers.

“The enemy assailants retreated back to Burundi across River Ruhwa separating Ruhororo zone in Mabayi commune in Burundi and Bweyeye sector in Rwanda and returned to Kibira Forest where they have bases” the announcement said.

Among the seized ammunitions include one submachine gun, seven magazines, one tortoise grenade, one antennae of a Motorola radio and two Burundi National Defence Force army uniforms.

RDF does not give the estimation of the number of attackers but identifies them as “a section” which usually consists of between six and 20 soldiers who are all said to have run into Kibara Forest which RDF says is a base for the rebel group.

There have been several attacks on Rwanda which official reports confirm as from Burundi and Dr Congo since 2018 including the three Nyabimata attacks and Kinigi attack on the gorilla tourist hub which claimed 14 civilian lives.

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